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It's very difficult to find someone who thoroughly understands real estate. Fortunately, your search is over.
There's no better teacher than investing (and risking) your own money. For 25 years I've been building my own income producing real estate portfolio from scratch which now generates over $500,000 per year.
Through these 60+ transactions totaling $65 million I've  learned  how
to successfully buy, renovate, operate, and sell various types of property spanning very different real estate markets. These include personal residences, rentals, apartment complexes, and commercial income (NNN) properties around the Bay Area, Southern CA, and across the country.
Hands-on remodeling 50,000+ square feet of residential space taught me  the  physical  aspects  of  real estate  inside  and  out.   Projects have
included small to $1M+ remodels of my own homes as well as 50+ apartment unit renovations. Because I know how to cost effectively upgrade property I instinctively recognize great deals others might overlook.
My clients truly appreciate how my broad experience simplifies real estate and achieves desired results.
Real estate is my passion
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simplicity, my obsession.
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